Small Business Accounting

Bank/Credit Card Statement Reconciliation
Processing and Payroll Tax Filing
Accounts Payable/Receivable Processing
General Ledger & Fixed Asset Accounting
Sales & Use Tax Reporting (Specialized in CO, AZ, NM and CA)
Property Tax Reporting
Clean-up Existing Bookkeeping Records

Accounting Services

I will not only provide your small business with bookkeeping services such as bank reconciliations but I can provide accounting services such as budgeting, consultation on finances and many other aspects your small business might require to achieve its goals.

Since I am a small business myself, I can be very accommodating to your needs. I can come to your office and work when you need me. I can work online, if you have a cloud based software. Or you can drop off you information to my office or email it, I can use your software or I can enter the information into my software to give you monthly statements. I can also show you how to give me access to your bank accounts as an administrator so your records can be updated in real time so you can see and understand your cash flow. What ever works for you as a small business owner to get your accounting done and keep you from filing those extension every year is my goal. Plus helping you understand what all those number mean to help you become more successful because if you are not in business then neither am I.

Personal Tax Preparation

Enrolled Agent
1040 Tax Prep
Amended Tax Returns
Helping with letters from State and IRS
Audits – Prep for audit and Attending
Updating W-4 information
Tax Planning

Tax Preparation Services

Tax season is probably my favorite season. I know that may sound strange but I honestly love to get to see my clients every year. Over the years, I have met many different people preparing their taxes. I have watched their businesses and their children grow. Many of these children are now my clients and I get to see them with growing businesses and children. As an enrolled agent, I am only allowed to prepare personal taxes. I have prepared over 2000 returns and I have only seen two audits from those returns. I do help clients with letters from the IRS and state, working to prevent paying penalty or additional taxes whenever possible. I will also help you find a CPA if you require corporate or partnership returns to be completed. By working with me first on the business information will cut the cost to get the return prepared by the CPA. Clients during the year will call to ask me about refinancing, getting their child college grants or other questions that might affect their tax return in the coming year. I am always glad to hear from them and help in any manner that I can.

Other Accounting or Miscellaneous Services

Applying for Corporation or LLC Status
Help Determining Corporate Status, S Corp, Corp, Partnership
Registering Business with State
Quickbooks Training
2290 Form and State Road Tax
Unclaimed Property
Cafeteria Plans
Simple Plans
Applying for FAFSA

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